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Zahra Merrikhpour (2022 – 2026). Design Education and Designer’s Identity in Iran. PhD student, Industrial Design, Tehran University. Co-advised with Dr. Yassaman Khodadadeh.
Kash Haresamudram (2020 – 2024). AI Transparency and Trust. PhD student, Department of Technology and Society, Lund University. Co-advised with Dr. Stefan Larsson and Dr. Fredrik Heintz.

Gelson Veloso (2022). Under The Guise of Machine Neutrality: Machine Learning uncertainty exploration as design material to identify gender bias in AI systems. Master’s in Interaction Design, Malmö University.
Max Angenius (2022). Talkus AI-relius: An interactive journaling artifact that supports reflection through conversation. Master’s in Interaction Design, Malmö University.
Sander Aalbers (2022). Back to the Roots: Re-Connecting Humanity and the Natural World by Merging Interactive Technology and Plants. Master’s in Interaction Design, Malmö University.

Vinicius Sueiro (2021). Interactive Data Physicalizations: How natural science museums might engage visitors through tangible and embodied interaction. Master’s in Interaction Design, Malmö University.
Anna Marie Schröder (2021). Unboxing the Algorithm: Understandability and Algorithmic Experience in Intelligent Music Recommendation Systems. Master’s in Interaction Design, Malmö University.
Alice Tomomi Un-Ji, Markmann (2021). This SUX! The Sustainable UX Design Toolkit. Master’s in Interaction Design, Malmö University.

Iris Bataille (2020). Tangible User Interfacesin the Smart Home Environment: Exploringthe User Experience of Instant Smart Lighting System Control. Master’s in Interaction Design, Malmö University.
Elizabeth Matkevitš (2020). The user perception of control over IoT devices in home environment: a case of the morning routine. Master’s in Interaction Design, Malmö University.
Marsali Miller (2020). #AloneTogether: An exploration of social connectedness through communication technology during physicaldistancing. Master’s in Interaction Design, Malmö University.

Linda Sheqi (2019). Apparel returns: a design concept for reducing the amount of apparel returns. Interaction Design, Malmö University.
Martin Lindeborg 
(2019). Designing for memory in UX practice: from transaction to relatedness in sign-up forms. Interaction Design, Malmö University.
Rasmus Borg 
(2019). Promoting online, peer-to-peer markets in a local scale: how does one design for trust?. Interaction Design, Malmö University.

Francesca Spezzatti (2017), Smart Indoor Objects: Designing Business Model for Sóle. Management and Production Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, Master of science. 
Feier Su (2017), Smart Outdoor Products in Smart City: Business Models. Management and Production Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, Master of science.
Fabio Maglia (2016), Smart Home Energy Consumption Management. Management and Production Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, Master of science.
Hojjat Babaei & Filippo Giorgi (2015), Design for Social Responsibility. Architecture and Design, Politecnico di Torino, Master of science.